Sunday, October 22, 2006

My Favorite Things...

With winter coming on, I thought a post about my favorite winter things might be in order. Share your favorite things with me!

~I love the scent of woodstove smoke on the cold, crisp air. It reminds me of being a kid, playing outside, walking home from school, and the continuity of the seasons.

*Hot chocolate. Honestly, drinking hot chocolate in the summer just isn't the same as a nice, steaming mug of hot chocolate in the fall and winter. The colder it is outside, the better the chocolate. I just found a "European Cafe Style" dark chocolate hot chocolate at Safeway (Safeway Select). I'm now trying my first mug. I put in frozen French Vanilla Cool Whip. Mmmmmm...

~The sunlight that filters through the window on a snowy day. There's something brighter about sunlight that's bouncing off freshly fallen snow. It's magical, and again, reminds me of being a kid.

*Christmas. I love the holiday season. I love Christmas shopping, making cookies and fudge and peppermint bark fudge.

~Wearing soft, cozy sweaters.

*Sledding. Haven't done this in a long time, but wow! Quite a thrill to speed down an incline on a sled.

~Freshly fallen snow, before anyone's walked on it. I like being the first. So do my kids.

*Flannel sheets and electric blankets on the bed... Mmmm... Can anything be cozier than cuddling under the covers with your honey, or a good book, or a good movie?

~Looking forward to seeing leaves on the trees again. I love watching the leaves change color, and I love the anticipation of seeing the trees fill out again in the spring.

*Building snowmen in the front yard with my kids, and making snow angels.

~Christmas novels... I love holiday stories. I'm looking forward to the release of my first Christmas novella, *Christmas Grace* in the By Grace anthology of the same name. What I love most of all about this season is it's inherent promise of life.

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