Thursday, November 02, 2006

Easiest Sale to Date

In the Shadow of the Misty Lady by Laura Hamby

Iva Fitzjames is angry with her boyfriend, Luc Ciprian, for forgetting her birthday yet again. When he joins her on her huffy walk home, she discovers its not remembering her birthday that's important... it's all those other things he knows about her that matter.

Imprint: Incredibly Short and Sweet
Price: $0.49 Download
Available now from By Grace Publishing

Funny story about this short story. I wrote it last year for the By Grace e-zine, and it was called *Haunted Hearts.* It ties into my novella *Haunted*--- which is in the *Out of the Shadows* anthology. So, my publisher finds this little gem in a file somewhere and IM's me: "I'm publishing this and selling it for .49." Me: "Okay." That was probably my easiest sale to date.

I'm hostessing the Moonlit Romance Readers' Loop this week. Stop by and chat with me. I'm spotlighting my novel *It's All Greek to Me*.

And now for the daily update on my word count:

Made some progress, 885 WHOLE words! Yay!

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Jessica Raymond said...

ROFL on the original title! ;) Love your cover, Laura.

Jess x