Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Spotlighting Robin Bayne

I'm tickled to be sharing By Grace's Christmas Grace Duet with author Robin Bayne.

About Scent of Falling Snow Robin Bayne and Christmas Grace by Laura Hamby

Scent of Fallen Snow by Robin Bayne
When Rob visits his daughter's step-dancing teacher, he makes it clear he doesn't consider the activity a challenge. The real challenge comes when he learns the teacher’s secret.

Christmas Grace by Laura Hamby

Former Southern Belle, Hannah Kelsey, now orphaned by the War Between the States, awaits patiently for news of her lone, surviving brother. A life that has been anything but easy is made more complicated by the Yankee soldier she finds lying in front of her cabin a few days before the Christmas of 1864.

The holiday season is a time for miracles as Hannah must hide wounded Union Captain Jeff Steffend, and protect her lonely heart from the kindness of the stranger. This war-weary couple need a bit of Christmas Grace to nudge them into each others arms.

Interview with Robin Bayne

1. Scent of Falling Snow is such a lovely title, what inspired it?
Thank you! I am not quite sure when the title came to me, but I do recall once when I actually could smell the snowflakes I brushed from my husband's shoulders. One of the best compliments I ever got was on this title, from a fellow writer, who told me she had started sneaking up behind her husband when he came home in the snow and sniffing him! LOL

2. What do you hope to convey to your readers in the novels you write?
I hope I convey the scene as I am seeing it in my head. I know that's really impossible, so I hope they get a fairly similar vision. I try to use the five senses to draw the reader into each scene. I also hope to convey the concept that love conquers all and forgiveness and grace are vital. In fact, I felt this story fit particularly well with your story because grace is definitely an element between the main characters.

3. What inspires you to write?
A dozen years ago, I would have said "seeing my name on a book cover." And that was true, when I first started writing. But now I've learned it's not all about me, it's about Him, and I keep writing because if my work touches just one person I've answered my calling.

4. Where did the idea for Scent of Falling Snow come from?
After my husband and I attended a performance of the legendary "Riverdance," I did some research on Irish step dancing. I found it fascinating that the dancers didn't move their arms-- something you would never see in traditional jazz, folk or ballet dancing. When I read about the traditions of ancient Irish dancing, the secrets of my story were born. I had a lot of fun writing this story.

You can visit Robin at her blog and her website!


robynl said...

I agree that forgiveness is so vital to one's health; you have done your part if you forgive someone and then can go on to healing.

I love the sound of both stories;; isn't Christmas time wonderful.

Tehya said...

To forgive takes away the others persons power to hurt you. So you can heal! Love Christmas an the warmth that spreads with it.

Laura Hamby said...

Hi Ladies...

Aren't Christmas stories among the best and most uplifting?

Thanks for commenting!


Denise Patrick said...

I'm waiting impatiently for these to be released. How long do we have to wait?

jennybrat said...

Lovely title. I'm sure the story will be equally good.

Laura Hamby said...

These come out on Friday, Dec. 15th!