Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Glamorous Life...

... So there I was, all gussied up in my Official Writing Pajamas, the ones that match my crit partner's Official Writing Pajamas, and I was ready to write.

My husband laughed at me.


Shocking behavior, doncha think?

See, I'd modeled the jammas and told him, "These are my writing pajamas."

And he laughed. Did I mention that before? That he laughed? Anyway, he said, after he laughed, "Ah, the glamorous look of a romance writer."

Perhaps a description of my Official Writing Pajamas is in order. They are beige-ish, fleecy material, with pastel blue, pink and green snow flakes. There is a cami-top (non-fuzzy) to wear under the button-up fleecy top. AND, I'd added dusty blue slipper sox to the outfit.

Cute, huh?

Glamorous? That depends on your point of view. Comfy and warm, absolutely.

Now. Where did I put my bon-bons and my tiara?


Shara Jones said...

*flings the trailing end of boa around the slim column of my throat and adjusts tiara to jaunty angle...*

As your twinkie in matching Official Writing Pajamas, I can concur.. it *is* a glamorous life.


Jessica Raymond said...

Don't forget the handbag-sized dog and fluffy feathery pen!

Jess x

Laura Hamby said...

Oooo! Jess! A silky-fuzzy long-haired type yipper so I can dye her fur hot pink! Or turquoise! Purple! And let's not forget the diamond-studded collar!