Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I'm very pleased to report that I've surpassed my minimum goal of 30K words on Cupid on a Mission. My new goal is to finish it with 35-45K words. Yes, a big stretch, I know, but I'm still mulling some things over.

The Romance Authors Resource site is coming right along. I added a blog and am looking for Bloggin' Posse Members to join me. I have actual live links on the links page, and several live links on the the author network page. I'm contemplating adding a contest page and an "ad" page, too.

Check out the Unique Enterprises blog entry for today-- we had so much fun with our writing prompt today. Several were Laugh Out Loud Funny.



Shara Jones said...

Those writing prompts were too funny. I'm left wondering if the prompt might not have been one of your brain children? LOL

Laura Hamby said...

Nope. I can't take credit for the writing prompts. It's Nell Dixon's fault. They were tremendous fun to read, though.