Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cupid on a Mission Releases This Friday!

... 2-16-07!!!!!


And of course, Friday's are too insanely busy for me to have an author day, then, so the plan is to have an author day the following week, on the Wednesday, 2-21-07, on my Newsletter Loop. You can join by clicking HERE!

As added incentive, I'm holding a "Newsie's Member's Only" contest. All you have to do to win an e-copy of Cupid on a Mission, is go to the poll page and answer the Valentine's Day question.

Now, you wanna win some, M's, don't you? Easy peasy. Just join my newsletter between now and Wednesday, 2-21. If you're already a member, then post a "Hi! I read your Chocoholic Blog, and I love regular/peanut/dark/crispy M & M's."

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robynl said...

"Hi! I read your Chocoholic Blog, and I love M&M's any way. LOL. I have never had the crispy ones, have never seen them.
Don't enter me because I've already won(unless I'm the only one again, lol). Thanks and happy Valentine's day to you Laura.

Laura Hamby said...

Hi Robyn.