Monday, February 05, 2007

First Annual All Romance Novels Are the Same Challenge

First Annual All Romance Novels Are the Same Challenge

CHALLENGE: Take the set up below and write a short, short story (5K, "family friendly"-- PG-13). Why? To see how many different stories we can come up with based on the same set up. If you wanna play, take the set up below and run with it, then send me your final result. I'll post 'em on my MySpace blog sometime this month. Just comment to my 2-2-07 MySpace blog that you intend to play.

The Set-Up: Georgia grew up in foster care having been abandoned by her parents. She's self-sufficient, motivated to prove to the world at large that she is a worthwhile person (because of her abandonment issues). She has little time for romance or love, because she doesn't believe in romance, and having never experienced any kind of love, doesn't know how to offer it in return. Win (short for Winston) also grew up in foster care, but had a much different experience with that than Georgia. He's a big believer in the power of love.

Georgia and Win meet at a big birthday bash for a mutual friend. Start with that meet and go from there... Have fun! Pass this along, the more the merrier!

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