Tuesday, March 27, 2007

To Do List

Poor, poor neglected blog.

Not only have I ignored it for the past couple of weeks, everyone in the cyberworld is ignoring it too. Such is life.

So, now that life is settling back down, for just a few seconds, I thought I'd take stock of my authorly To Do list and bore you "non-existent" cyberpeople with it. I call you "non-existent" because I have no way to prove you've been here unless you comment, or I install a counter. Hmmm.... I could get a counter, but then it might only prove my theory that nobody is actually reading this.

Okay, to the To Do List.

1. Finish the untitled summer beach read novella for Moonlit Romance. Announce a contest on author newsletter loop which is also being ignored.

2. Start/finish paranormal novel. Also untitled.

3. Work on daily devotional month for By Grace's Women's Daily Devotional, that will be published in time for 2008.

4. Work on "Big Girl" novels.

5. Eat Chocolate whenever possible.

So. Whatchoo think of my To Do List? Oh, I know. You can't answer, because A) You're "non-existent" and B) I bored you to death with my list.

~Create good cyberwill. Leave a smile in the comments section. Leave me a link to YOUR blog, and I'll come smile at you. :D


robynl said...

#3 on your list- is that a book or calendar that is coming out with daily devotionals?
#5 eat chocolate - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do; go for it.

Laura Hamby said...

It's a book, Robyn.

Michelle said...

I'm reading! :-) Good to have you back.

Jessica Raymond said...

*A smile from me!*

Get a counter -- they make v. interesting reading!

Jess x