Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Pops' Girls Revisited

Wow! Mind boggling that it's been a year since the Blue Plate Special: Pops' Girls series debuted. Actually, it's been 13 months, since the first novel released in May '06. I was feeling a bit nostalgic about the series, and working with two great authors-- Shara Jones and Meg Allison, so today, I thought I'd post the series blurbs, and a link to the Pops' Girls website.

Learning to Trust
by Laura Hamby

Janie Powell is a woman on the run. Leaving an abusive ex-fiancé behind, forming attachments is low on her list of priorities. However, a certain hardware store owner with the most amazing eyes tempts her resolve. Learning to trust him and embracing the future requires nerves of steel. Will her past let her go?
Myles Channing has his hands full with high-maintenance women. Besides being a woman who needs love and nurturing, Janie is a woman Myles himself could fall in love with easily. Will he be able to teach her to trust men again, him in particular?

Lessons in Love
by Shara Jones

Struggling waitress and surrogate mother to her younger brother, Cindi Petroneli will do anything to help Ryan--including reluctantly hiring handsome college professor, Steve Richland as his tutor. Determined to rely on no man, can she resist when her resolve is tested by the sexy-as-sin professor and his LESSONS IN LOVE?
Steve Richland is passing time in small town Glen Meadow until his California dream job comes through. Providing math and baseball instructions to Ryan keeps him in sexy Cindi's playing field, but will it keep him from leaving Glen Meadow and surrendering his freedom for fatherhood?

Learning to Live
by Meg Allison

Katie Marie Morrison hides behind a flirtatous mask as she serves burgers and peach cobbler at Pops' Dinner. Her bright smile and sarcastic wit hides the devastating knowledge she was just a one-night-stand for the one man she ever loved.
Jeff McAlester, her only lover, returns home for good. But timing is everything and it's Katie who's now ready to leave. Despite their rekindled love, she doesn't want to stay. Can Jeff, the man with bluer-than-blue eyes and highly-charged kisses, help Katie learn to live a little ... the old fashioned way with a white picket fence and Happily Ever After?

Pops'Diner Anthology

Time After Time by Laura Hamby

Irene Albright is ready to spread her wings and fly. Sissy Rose ignored convention to become an Army nurse- why shouldn't Irene pursue her dream of singing with an orchestra? Besides, it might just lead her to a love that will last beyond time after time.

The Long Way Home by Shara Jones
Optimistic Tamryn Miller waits for the man she's loved all her life to return while she battles to save her beloved town newspaper. When disillusioned journalist Kendall Reed returns as the newspaper's new owner, can Tamryn convince Kendall that he has taken the long way home to her love?

Accidentally in Love by Meg Allison
Amelia Wojosowski moved to Glen Meadow to heal her broken heart and start a new life. She never dreamed she'd fall in love with the oh-so-serious and sexy town physician. Doctor Marty Winston has sworn off pretty waitresses ever since one broke his heart--but he can't resist Amy Jo, despite her penchant for dumping food in his lap. She's a beautiful accident waiting to happen…no wonder he's falling in love.

Visit our Blue Plate Special: Pops' Girls Website! And stay tuned... for two new novels in the Blue Plate Special Series, coming in 2008.

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