Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Another Release... Just Around the Corner...

... This has been quite a busy summer!

Well, let's back up and clarify that. It's been a busy YEAR! One of the busiest, actually, starting back in February when I flew home to be a surprise present for my Dad's retirement party. Wouldn't have missed that for the world. Not only did we manage to surprise Dad (hehe... we met him for breakfast at my youngest sister's favorite breakfast restaurant, and had a couple members of the wait staff in cahoots with us--- one gal was such a riot--- I think she was channeling a Big Name Director, telling Dad that the NEXT time he came in to be surprised, she wanted a BIGGER reaction. LOL! We got the reaction we expected--- the grin and the head duck move.) Cupid on a Mission also released with Moonlit Romance in February.

I no sooner got home, then I turned around and flew back home for my beloved Grandma's funeral in March. I sang "Raindrops" to her the day before she died, over the phone. It was "our song." I sat in her room, and read her the first couple chapters of Christmas Grace (By Grace, 2006)In June, By Grace's third Brides and Bouquets anthology released. I've had a novella in each anthology: the first one, Sukie's Dance, was dedicated to my Grandma, because she'd always been so supportive of my writing and was just tickled pink that I was finally published. The 3rd Brides novella, Something Old, Something New, is also dedicated to Grandma, this time to her memory.

Coming up this month--- It's JULY already! --- my novella Star Kissed, featured in Moonlit Romance's 3rd Summer Beach Party Duet.

I'm currently finishing my November release: The Pendant: Maeve, coming from Moonlit Romance. I'll also have a spooky novella, In the Fog, release in September in By Grace's 3rd spooky anthology, After Dark.

I've started a New Adventure, with crit partner and dear friend, Sherry (Shara) Jones: Two for the Show: Play'n in Write Field.

The first half of this year has been very full. I'm looking forward to the last half of this year, and reaching out towards my goals yet again.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

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