Thursday, July 05, 2007

Lessons Learned from a Swiffer

I bought a Swiffer (your general wet/dry variety) just this last weekend, after holding out for years. Why did I hold out? This is the greatest invention since chocolate! What was I waiting for? What did it take to see the light and convert, as it were?

We moved. I have more Swiffer-friendly floors now, and the need for the Swiffer is greater in this new-to-us house than in our old one. My desire to drag out the old mop and broom has diminished greatly as I have vinyl flooring in my kitchen, entry, down the short hallway to the downstairs bedrooms, the downstairs bathroom and the upstairs bathroom. Who wants to carry a wet, dripping mop up carpeted stairs or wash a floor on hands and knees? Not me.

Now I can see how much easier my life, in regards to housework, has become, and it's left me wondering what do I do as a writer that could be made, if not easier, then at least more streamlined? How can I apply the Lesson of the Swiffer to my writing? What do I do that makes writing harder on myself?

Well, I'm an unrepentant panster. I start with an idea, characters and take off from there. I often research a little bit, to get myself going--- especially in regards to setting and jobs. I can't write a synopsis or blurb before my WIP is finished for love or money. This I know I need to work on. I do know that writing even a very general synopsis or outline ahead of time would be a Very Good Idea. I have also been known to write an entire novel without titling it.

So, next time I'm Swiffering, I should think about writing a synopsis for my next WIP. Perhaps I'll figure it out as I do the Swiffer Boogie across my kitchen.

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