Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Spooky Express... Next Stop, New Orleans

New Orleans has a long history of hauntings. And not only hauntings, but voodoo and vampires, as well. Often, New Orleans is called the Most Haunted City in America, and I may have to agree, based simply on the ginormous list of links that came up when I googled "Haunted New Orleans."

I set my novella *Haunted* in New Orleans due to the spooky nature of the *Out of the Shadows* anthology (from By Grace), knowing of the city's reputation. The haunting in *Haunted* is nowhere near as grisly or grim as many of the most popular accounts. In fact, *Haunted* is downright tame in comparison!

If you'd like to read *Haunted*, you'll find the anthology *Out of the Shadows* available in the 2005 catalogue at By Grace

Three spooky novellas that might leave you wondering what's under the bed.

The Haunting of Sarah Dyson by Shara Jones

Someone is determined to scare historical researcher, Sarah Dyson, to death! Can she trust antiquities dealer, Robert Townsend to help or will he, the man she's falling in love with, be the death of her?

A Nice Cup of Tea by Sheila Holloway

Is it an old home remedy, or a portal to the past? Katherine Rayburn gives Grandmother's Healing Tea a chance to cure her of her ailments, but gets much more than she bargained for.

Haunted By Laura Hamby

Alisanne Sommers is haunted in more ways than one. However, it's not so much the ghosts of the dead who haunt her as it's one living, breathing, breath-taking man. Remy Beauvais: he stole her her heart years ago and never gave it back.

Join me for my next Spooky Express adventure as I visit the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California.

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