Saturday, November 17, 2007

Get Stuffed

To stuff the turkey or not to stuff the turkey--- that is one of the main questions for the upcoming holiday here in my house.

Okay, what does stuffing the bird do, besides dirtying more kitchenware and creating more work for the cook?

Stuffing adds flavor to the meat. Mmmm.... Flavor is good.
Stuffing also diverts some of the juices which could result in a drier textured meat. Not good.

So, how to balance this?

Good question.

When I stuff the turkey-lurkey, I add celery, onions, and broth to the stuffing. I also like adding diced up apples. I add extra seasonings, too, so basically the stuffing that comes out of the bird isn't actually edible.

For edible stuffing: again, if I use the pre-made boxed stuffing (and why shouldn't you use it? Saves a bit of time on a day when every minute counts when you're the only cook in the house)--- try adding peeled and diced apples, celery, and onion to make the stuffing special, and tasty.

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