Monday, November 05, 2007

Getting Crafty...

I love going to the craft store and seeing what's there for the craft-minded individual. I could spend a fortune there!

When we moved, and our realtor gave us an awesome porcelaine topped table for our kitchen, I decided to keep a center piece on it at all times. Easy peasy, as I have an interesting glass bowl that sits on 3 little footies, and has scalloped edges. I put an off-white pillar candle in the middle, poured potpourri (brown and yellow, um, I forget the scent) around the candle, then a added a bunch of those fall-colored berries (fake) around the edges. Looks great. Am contemplating what I'm going to do for Thanksgiving. I'd like to switch up to a pumpkin-colored candle and add those mini-pumpkins/squash things. But, I'd prefer to use REAL ones, rather than fake, so I'm kinda scared they'll rot before I'm ready to change the centerpiece.

For Christmas, I've already purchased the potpourri. The candle will be green, and I think I'm going to get a bunch of Dollar Store little ornaments to use across the top of the potpourri. Come to think on it, I may see what the $$ Store has by way of Thanksgiving-type crafty things.

I love the way the centerpiece looks on the table (when the table is clear... bwahahahahaha!). Makes me feel homey and all that good stuff.

Have a favorite holiday centerpiece you like to create? Share!

Bit of news:

We'll be chatting in the Moonlit Romance chat room tonight at 9 pm US Eastern. Come join the fun! I'll answer questions about my upcoming release, *The Pendant: Maeve*--there will be giveaways, chatting, laughter and fun. See you there. The entrance to the chatroom is on the main page at

Also, I've added a page to my website (last link below) specificially for writing tips. It's a fledgeling page, but it's up and ready for business.

*The Pendant: Maeve* ~ Available November 16th ~

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