Friday, November 23, 2007

Heavenly Leftovers

I'm currently living in an euphoric Thanksgiving leftovers daze. Mmmmm. Lefovers.

What can be done with leftovers?

Well, there's the ever popular turkey sandwich. This can be served hot or cold. Toast a piece of bread, toss on some turkey, top with mashed taters and gravy. Mmmmm.... For cold, I love slathering Miracle Whip on both pieces of bread, heaping on the turkey and topping with cranberry sauce and lettuce. Mmmmmm....

We also like "turkey carcass soup." Not an appetizing name, but oh, man is the soup good.

Also good, mashed taters and gravy by themselves. And is it just me, or are the sweet taters better the second day around?

For the ham, that's great for sandwiches, too. Or scalloped potato-ham casserole. Or split pea and ham soup. Mmmmmm...

I'm making myself hungry here.

And, we still have pies to eat.

The best part? I'm not cooking for a few days.

A few new things I tried this year while making the Thanksgiving meal:

The turkey I bought this year was VERY juicy. I didn't have to use any packets of turkey gravy at all. The bird, stuffed into a way too small roasting pot, gave off so much juice, I had to put some in a little pot. So, when it came time to sautee the apples, celery, onion and garlic to doctor up the Stove Top Turkey stuffing, I used some of the drippings instead of butter or oil. Mmmm. I also put some of the drippings in with the potatoes as I mashed 'em. Oh, man, that made the taters taste really good.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving! Happy Leftovers Eating, too. ;)

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