Sunday, May 03, 2009

Oh...My.... GOSH!

I entered the Manic Reader's contest back at the end of January, had my entry put up with many, many others, and made it to the final round, where all the excerpts were read by an editor at NAL. She chose one as editor's choice, and she picked mine! She's requested a partial and full synopsis.

My scream set all the dogs in the neighborhood to howling---kidding, but I did get the attention of my husband and children. I raced up the stairs bellowing my husband's name at the top of my lungs. He was mildly panicked when I found him in our bedroom, but once I managed to convey to him that I Editor's Choice for the contest, he got right with the program and shared my joy. He also recommended that I breathe before I do much more. At this moment, he has the kids organized and choring, I'm training the laundry, updating my Manic Reader's author page, updating my blog (obviously), IMing with my best friend Sherry Jones (wrote under Shara Jones), about to dive into the manuscript, because the editor has requested a partial and a complete synopsis!

I'm certain my heart rate will calm eventually and that sooner or later, oxygen will find its way into my starving lungs. The shaking just stopped about five minutes ago.

Am waiting for my mother to wake up enough to call me on the phone. Called too early and Dad couldn't roust her. Called Sherry, too. We screamed, cried and laughed and started it all over again for a good, I dunno, 20 minutes.

I'll be adding a free read to my website in the next little bit, so be sure to check My Webbie.

And, to bring me crashing back to reality and keep my feet firmly rooted on the ground---the laundry stopped. Dumb laundry.

Visit Manic Readers to read my excerpt.


Amelia Elias said...

WAY TO GO!!!! Have you mailed it off yet? How 'bout now? Now? Hmmmmm????

Judy Jarvie said...

Huge congrats Laura. You so deserve. Now get busy and get it gone! jx

Nell Dixon said...

Fab news!!! I'm so excited for you! Congratulations!!!!!!

Laura Hamby said...

Thanks, Amelia, Judy and Nell. :D

Robin Bayne said...


Laura Hamby said...

Hey, Robin! Thanks so much! :D

Hope Chastain said...

And you're not seriously gloating in the cave? I'll say this here, since I'd get banished for life if I said it over there: I'm so PROUD of you!!!!! And here's a big huge smiley face-- :D