Monday, August 24, 2009

The Kids Are Back In School Celebration Post...

...After spending much of last week ill with strep throat and the 'flu, taking antibiotics for the strep and training the Hairy Eyeball on my kids to make sure none of THEM came down with The Crud (my middle boy did---the one who I sometimes think of as "Mr. Kissy Shield" because he's a no huggy, no kissy kind of boy. Ew, Mom. That's gross. Okay, yeah, yeah, I love you, too. Mommy, I'm ready to be tucked in now. That kid. My oldest also came down with it. The kid who's attached to my hip, no. He's healthy. Knocking on wood that he remains that way.)...

So. Today, I delivered my first born to high school. My second and third born to elementary school. Next year, I'll have 1 kid in high school, 1 in middle, and 1 in elementary. Nifty, huh? I've already mentally reviewed THAT route. This year is easy. The high school is, I think, closer than the middle school. Maybe it's just the different route that has me thinking this, as it's more of a straight shot: one left, one right, straight through the intersection, left at the stop sign, straight, straight, straight, through another intersection, then another, right into the parking lot, jiggity jag through that, out, left, straight, straight, right...well, then, I'm a bit lost, as I'll be sneaking through a neighborhood to avoid some traffic lights on my way to make the other school drop.

What I Know For Sure About Resuming The Bus Duties

The earlier you get to the high school, the better your chances of missing Traffic. Missing Traffic will mean my children won't hear me calling other motorists "idiots" and "morons" (I know, it's not nice, and I'm often a moronic, idiotic driver, especially first thing in the morning, when my braincell doesn't wakie until something like 3 in the afternoon, but I digress.). If I mess up and Go The Wrong Way through the h.s. parking lot, I'll only be able to turn right, and I want to turn left, so I don't have to make a Big Loop to get to the elementary school. So, I'll be preoccupied with that, telling the boys to stop breathing each other's air, telling the dog that she can't sit in my lap when I'm driving and singing along with whatever is on the radio or playing on CD. Also probably wondering if it was a mistake not to have showered and put on Real Clothes, instead of dragging a comb through my hair, deciding that the smeared mascara under my eyes looks just like eyeliner and deluding myself that no one can tell I'm wearing jammies (which I will be wearing. I even have some that, if you don't look too closely, look like Real Clothes. If you close one eye and squint.). I know I'll be swearing at the traffic at the elementary school, but with any luck, I'll only be blistering the dog's ears as she's looking mournfully out the window and wondering why we don't go back and put her boys back in the car and take them home with us. Then we'll be home again, me and the dog. I'll hop out, let the dog out the side door (she waits by the driver's back door), stroll back into the house, eyes firmly on the walkway so I don't step on any snails. That's gross. Really. Have you ever stepped on one? I've stepped on 3, and always feel guilty for bringing the poor critter such a horrible death, but also feel completely grossed out---it's icky. They crunch and squish (say that like Prof. Flitwick says "Swish and flick" in the 1st HP movie).

Dizzy yet? I am.

So, I bet you're wondering what the Main Idea is here, doesn't it have something to do with celebrating school resuming? YES! It does!

What does the celebration involve? Mr. Laura would tell you that it would involve Chippendale Dancers (and he might be right), or maybe staring wishfully out the window, wondering when Hugh Jackman was going to arrive at my house to give me a lap dance like he did for Barbara Walters on her special, what, last spring? Winter? Can't remember when it was, but it clearly made a big impression on me, and for that I'd like to apologize to Mr. Jackman's wife. Oooo! Or wondering when Mr. Jackman is going to arrive to toss me over his shoulder and carry me off caveman style---saw that on a E! or some such channel a couple weeks ago and made MY husband laugh when the narrator rhetorically asked "what woman wouldn't want Hugh to toss her over his shoulder and carry her off like a caveman?" and I raised my hand and yelled at the TV "Ooooo! ME! Pick ME!" (Again, my apologies to Mrs. Jackman.)...

But mainly, the celebration involves getting back into the groove with writing. Yes. I've been out of the groove for many reasons, most of them have nothing to do with the rejection I received several weeks ago---rejections are a fact of life, and I've already resolved what I'm going to do in regards to that manuscript. We'll just say that "Life Intervened" and I took a detour down a rabbit trail I hadn't planned on cruising, and leave it at that.

I have a plan. I've already put that plan in motion, with the redecorating here and at my website and my Open a Vein writer's blog. Next step, a little idea that's been tickling my braincell now for a couple of weeks. I've plotted as much as I'm going to, given my panster tendencies, but I have characters, a premise and the determination to Let Go and Let it Flow. Yep. My new writing motto, effective immediately: Let Go and Let it Flow. I think it has a certain ring to it. Or maybe that's the ringing in my ears. Whichever. Doesn't matter.

Just as the school year holds loads of promise for my kids, it holds loads of promise for my writing and my goals. Here's to a successful year to us all. :D

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