Sunday, September 20, 2009


Not as in green with jealousy.

Not as in environmentally friendly, either.

Nope. Just the color itself. Green.

So many shades. From vibrant and alive to soothing and calming.


Yanno how purple lollipops are supposed to be grape flavored? You'd think they'd smell grape, right? Nope. They smell purple.

I think that fresh mown grass smells like the color green. Haven't decided what green would feel like, although I'm leaning towards it feeling satiny and ridgy all at the same time, like a long blade of grass. Green sounds like nature whispering---like the sounds the leaves on the trees make in a gentle breeze, with the low, comforting buzz of insects almost imperceptible. And what would green taste like? Lime, naturally.

This musing on the color green has been brought to you by my houseplants. I was looking at them last night, in the dimness of night lit only with one small lamp. I think I need more green in my house---I just like the way it looks.


There you have it.

Green. The color. Nothing else. Just green.

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