Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ever Wonder...

...Why we must keep up with the Kardashians?

...Just what is vulcanizing, why would we pay to have it done, and when it is, will we all have pointy ears, green blood and take our leave saying, "Live long and prosper"?

...Who planted the first rubber tree plant and why someone wrote a song--- "Whoops, there goes another rubber tree plant..."?

...Why the months of summer vacation go faster than any other months of the year (especially those when school's in session)?

...Who decided east was east and west was west?

...Why God created the duck-billed platypus?

...If the "real" housewives are in New Jersey, Beverly Hills and Atlanta, does that make the rest of us fake housewives?

...If veggies are so good for us, why don't they taste like candy so we'll want to eat them all the time?

...Why some people look like their cars?

...Why the Girls Next Door don't look anything like the actual girls next door to you?

...Why men don't wear pantyhose and high heeled shoes? Who decided that was women's fashion?

...Why we look so ill in our driver's license photos? Seriously, if we're that sick, why are we at the DMV, much less even driving?

...If there are chiropractors specifically for giraffes?

...Why *Grease* is the word, is the word that we heard, and why it has groove and meaning? Why is *Grease* the time, the place, the motion and it's the way we are feeling?

...Why dryers eat socks?

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