Friday, September 16, 2011

Bits and Pieces of a Week...

Well then.

What a week.

I'm not entirely sure where it went, all I know it's just about over.

So...what have I managed to accomplish this week?

I am still relatively sane. (This observation being subjective and subject to change without notice, but mostly, I'd say while my overall sanity did take a few dings, it's mostly intact. BONUS!

I finished the short Christmas story I wrote to give to family members for Christmas. As I did this last year, I don't think it'll be a surprise I did it again this year. In deference to the sensibilities of some of those receiving it, I didn't use any bad words, only had a character curse once, and there's ZERO heat. In the Bat Cave, we call Christmas "Cavemas" or "Cavemoose," so I referred to it to one dear friend as my "Shorn Cavemoose Story." Of course, we're having a writing race right now, and that's what I worked on for the race (not really a race to see who's winning, but a race to just get us all moving on our WIPS and giving us a place to be accountable---and to brag about how many words we wrote--LOL.)...and knowing this friend, Angie, as I do, I knew one of the first questions or comments to my "I finished it" post would be, "And why is it not in my inbox?"/"Is it in my inbox yet?"... She had just a wee problem with it, claimed I'd advertised it falsely, that there was neither a cave nor a moose in the story. I laughed until I had tears rolling down my face.

Now, I just need to finish the revisions of one WIP, and, thanks to Sherry, I have another idea bubbling. I formatted the document, wrote the first line, and saved it all under the name, "Sherry's Fault."

Mostly, we're dealing with school being back in session and trying to get back into the groove. I figure it's been 2 weeks, and with winterball just starting up, we need to work a bit harder at staying in the groove. In other words....BACK TO WORK! :D

Lastly, I'm going to leave you with a link to Valerie Parv's blog. Love, love, love Valerie and feel blessed to count her among my closest friends. Her advice is always spot-on. CHECK IT OUT.


Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head. ~ From the movie Finding Forrester

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kidney stone said...

Im sure your works went their appropriate places. Nothing to worry about it.