Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tree, USA

Welcome to the Coleman home. This was the first Victorian built in Christmas Tree, and for a short time, was also the largest house in town. Hiram and Anne Coleman raised a large family here, and the home has always been owned by a Coleman, handed down through the generations. During the Christmas season, you're liable to find the Colemans caroling at the hospital, the old folks home and to anyone who will turn on their porch light and open the front door to them.

The Colemans are very civic-minded people. The careers favored through the years are medicine, the law and teaching. Every now and again, a Coleman will run for office - the School Board, for example, and the current mayor of Christmas Tree is Cecelia Coleman Winters, following in both her father's and grandfather's footprints - much to the delight of her father. There's an enterprising crop of  Colemans coming of age - Cole Winters, son of the mayor, who has his eye on the State Senate; Daphne Coleman who will become the first neurosurgeon in the family; Cassidy Coleman who is >< to becoming a full fledged FBI agent; and Harris Coleman, set to become the youngest principal ever at Christmas Tree High.

If you're in the neighborhood, Candy Cane Road, to be exact, stop on by for some holiday cheer. And don't forget to bring your singing voice, because there will definitely be Christmas carols along with the hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

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