Monday, April 30, 2012

Easter Holiday by Nell Dixon

Need an excuse to curl up in a patio lounger in your backyard for a couple of peaceful hours? Look no further than Easter Holiday, by Nell Dixon. 

Posy Carmichael takes an assignment for the outdoor magazine she works for - camping at a relatively new farm campsite in Cornwall, somewhat unsure of what she's doing camping (she's never done that before). She's rescued from the mud (while making a u-turn because she's positive she's taken a wrong turn somewhere), by a hunky farmer, Noah Penwarren, and his tractor. Turns out, Noah's sister (who has a matchmaking bent), Emma, runs the campsite...To find out more, you're going to have to go purchase this delightful novella for yourself. It may not be Easter, but the focus of this sweet story is on the romance, not the holiday, plus, there's a beach involved.

Easter Holiday
Published by Astraea Press


Nell Dixon said...

So glad you enjoyed the story! thank you for reading.

Crystal said...

this looks like a good read