Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Christmas Anthology

I am >< to finishing the final novella for my Christmas Anthology, Footprints in the Snow. The goal is to have it ready to go by mid-November. :) Until then, here are some teasers. Sorry they're so small. :-s But they're pretty. You hafta admit, they *are* pretty. *Edit: I copy/pasted the teasers into the comments, so put away your magnifying glasses and save your eyes. :)




Laura Hamby said...

Christmas Grace

December,‭ ‬1864...

Hannah Mary Kelsey stood at her window,‭ ‬careful to stay hidden behind the curtain.‭ ‬She stared at the man who‭’‬d just crashed to his knees,‭ ‬then over to the left.‭ ‬How he managed to find the one‭ ‬and only sunbeam poking through the clouds overhead,‭ ‬she didn‭’‬t know,‭ ‬but a sunny,‭ ‬surreal haze surrounded him.

Laura Hamby said...

Christmas Surprise

Rita Louise Andrews glared at the Christmas tree. It was the third one the Andrews family had put up since both her brothers, three cousins, the four young men who’d grown up in the neighborhood, and her sweetheart, Vincent Lewis, had left for the war after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941. The war was officially over. Were any of these boys home?


Laura Hamby said...

The Greatest Gift

Snow fell softly over the sleepy little town tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.‭ ‬Where no horse-pulled wagons slogged through the mud,‭ ‬the snow created a pristine blanket of sparkling white that spread from the upper elevations clear to the valley floor.‭ ‬Most folks had the sense to stay home.‭ ‬A few who lacked the brains God had bestowed on a barnyard pig stubbornly insisted upon guzzling the proceeds of their latest mining ventures,‭ ‬content to stay in the drafty old saloon,‭ ‬drinking themselves warm with rot-gut whiskey.‭ ‬Others were just passing through the bar,‭ ‬on their way elsewhere,‭ ‬using the place as a shield from the unrelenting wind that blew the snow horizontally.