Monday, December 10, 2012

Contest Winners...


I decided I needed to change up the contest a little...folks got the "like" part down, but the leaving a comment, well. I understand that can be tricky. Sooooo....

If the following folks will either email me or PM me on Facebook, I have a handy-dandy coupon code that will allow them to download a FREE copy of either The Marriage Charade or Footprints in the Snow at Smashwords. (Because Smashwords is where I figured out how to make a coupon.)...If ya don't have a Smashwords account, you'll get to sign up for one, but it's completely free and easy to do.

Thanks for participating! Hope you enjoy the novels.

Winners of The Marriage Charade: Robin Bayne, Tracy Bartlett and Dawn Prochilo.

Winners of Footprints in the Snow: Marion Laird and Donica Covey.

PM me for your coupon code. :)

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