Monday, December 03, 2012

Monday Monday...

 M - Manic

 O -  Obnoxious

 N -  Nerve-wracking

 D -  Dreaded

 A - Annoying

 Y - Yucky

Nobody likes it, it's probably the singlemost dreaded day of the week. And it's little wonder Monday and Morning both start with 'M' - I think this is because nobody is happy to see either one of them.

So, here's something to look forward to: I'm going to be publishing a brand new, never-before-published novel this week. Yep. I am.


The Marriage Charade

Finding herself on the front page of a scandal rag in a nearly naked clinch with her boss, Logan Jennings, is the most exciting thing that has happened to Aurelia Landon. Ever. Unfortunately, it’s not the excitement she’d dreamed of, exactly. The faked photograph pitches them heart-long and headlong into a whirlwind romance with a side order of conspiracy and suspicion, as they race to discover who is plotting against them, and who wants Aurelia dead. Aurelia gives Logan the opening he needs to whisper his way into her heart, allowing him to seduce her and love her as she lets herself believe they could have a future together.
And, my website is updated (at least until I publish The Marriage Charade): HERE. AND, while you're there on my webbie, you can read A Man and a Puppy for Christmas on my free read page.
Happy first week of December!  Christmas is around the corner and so is 2013. That's something to look forward to, also. Oh, and surviving 12-21-12. :)

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