Wednesday, December 12, 2012


...I don't know why, but suddenly, the urge to redecorate my blog came upon me. I must say, I am more than a little enchanted with the template I chose. It reminds me of reading a book before a large picture window.

I have been updating my profile on Goodreads, checking in at Manic Readers, joining groups for authors on Facebook. I've been to Michaels and Jo-Ann's today, the grocery store, and went to my husband's office Christmas Party/Going Away Luncheon for someone at Olive Garden. (I won a prize on the raffle. Yay!) I have been doing everything today but write.

Now that all the kids have their homework done, dinner's over, and it's almost bedtime for the rest of the family, I am going to open my WIP and stare it into submission.

Happy Wednesday-Almost-Thursday.

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