Monday, August 28, 2006

First Day of School.

Today is the first day of school for my kids. My oldest starts middle school today. I'll admit to harboring a certain amount of terror for him. I'm not old enough for this. Then it occurred to me, as I walked back from the bus stop... in a few years, my second son will be entering middle school and my oldest will be entering high school-- same year. I'm very proud of the fact that despite the icy grip of fear that squeezed me as I walked home, I didn't race right to the bathroom mirror to check for the streak of gray hairs I'm certain spontaneously appeared on me noggin when I got home.

So, to observe the First Day of School Occasion, I went and bought a chocolate chocolate chip drink from Starbucks, and bought a chocolate muffin (when I bought the milk I'd forgotten to buy when I was at the grocery store yesterday.) I came home with my treasures, watched *Charmed* on the TV, then fell asleep for 2 hours. I've found the most comfortable arrangement of pillows on the sofa, sigh, and the sofa itself is as deep one-- not one of those narrow ones that anyone with any butt at all would be worried falling off of.

Now, the rest of the day's agenda? Writing. Yes. I have about 3 hours and 20 minutes until dismissal. I'm working on Christmas novella for By Grace Publishing's Christmas anthology, Christmas Grace.

Other than I'd like to register a complaint about my nail polish chipping off after LESS than 24 hours, I have nothing else to say today except, "Don't stand outside in a lightning storm."

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