Thursday, August 24, 2006

How Do You Eat Your M & M's?

I eat M & M's in pairs, by color. This way, I can discover if I have a defective bag of M's. I often discover that I've been shorted several M's of varying colors. This thievery is disheartening. If I'm gonna fork out .49 for a bag of M's, then I want my money's worth, by jingo! GGG

How do YOU eat your M & M's?

How do you eat cookies? (I eat the edges first.)

How do you eat the corner piece of brownies? (I don't. I cut mine out of the middle.)

Do you prefer dark, milk, or white chocolate? (Dark)

Do you like nuts in your fudge? (Don't pollute my fudge with nuts!)

Well? What are you waiting for? What weird snacking habits do you have?


Anonymous said...

where do you buy M & Ms for 49 cents?
Around here a bag costs 60 cents and more if its vended.

Since I'm not supposed to eat much sweets I take my time and nibble. A little nibble here ( teeth graze)or a pinch. Leave, come back later, and do it again, until I finally finish the piece. this means not minutes but longer, so that I stretch it out and savor the flavor as long as possible. as for M & Ms. I eat one at a time, and walk away. of course I do finally finish the bag. just one is not me!

Laura Hamby said...

Walmart, HotBat. Or the Dollar Store (2 fer $1.00). This is the individual size bag, not the Industrial-Strength-Placating-The-PMS-Monster size. ;-)


Sela Carsen said...

I eat M&Ms one at a time.

I eat cookies in two bites.

I like the edge pieces of the brownies.

Dark (not too dark, though), then white, then milk.

No nuts. In anything. I like nuts plain and I like brownies plain and I like fudge plain. Nuts in fudge always get squooshy anyway.

Anonymous said...

I don't have time to sort M&M's by color. I eat my M&M Peanuts by the handful straight out of the fridge.

I eat very few cookies, but brownies are only eaten if topped with ice cream, and it doesn't matter whether they have nuts or not.

The only good chocolate is MILK chocolate.

Esther Denise

Julie Cohen said...

I suck on M&Ms until they are white. Then I bite them.

The corner piece of brownies is my favourite.

I prefer dark chocolate, 70% or over if possible, and am completely in love with Green & Black's Organic Fair Trade Maya Gold, which I have not had for six months because I am pregnant and have given up the kind of chocolate that has caffeine in it (i.e. anything good).

I absolutely adore nuts in everything, except walnuts which are evil, but I haven't eaten nuts in six months (see above).

And now I crave ALL of these things. Thanks.

Bev said...

I like to eat M & M's. But I have a confession: I preferred quizzing my boys with the colors when they were little. I have a weird sense of humor and they are color-blind.
They did catch on and still call me mom. So I have been forgiven and I amuse myself in varies other harmless ways since they have become teens.

Brownies: I sometimes have a craving for the corners. But like you, I too do mostly the middle.

None of my snacks, chocolate or otherwise can have nuts. I like peanuts, plain in my hand. But I don't like peanut butter or other kinds of nuts. Maybe it is more that I don't eat my "kind". A nut among nuts.

I love caramel and chocolate. Or chocolate and caramel. I really like caramel. Ooey gooey caramel.

I like cold chocolate. If I get a candy bar, it goes into the fridge, sometimes even the freezer.

Laura Hamby said...

I love cold chocolate too. However, I discovered that frozen M's are sticky when poured right out of the bag.

Still edible, tho.