Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pulling Out The Big Guns

I wrote a few paragraphs this morning, after I'd gone through the 21 pages I'd written of my Christmas novella changing a few details.

A few details such as the location where the story takes place.

Yes. I'm insane, but I figured with the overall setting involving time, place and era, my original location was going to be too difficult for the length of the novella. I thought this would solve "all my problems."

From the few paragraphs I wrote this morning, I can see that it's not.

So after taking a nap on the couch... er... plotting the novella on the with my eyes closed... I'm back to work on it before I have to go pick up my younger sons from school. I have about 50 minutes to write.

Naturally, I'm here composing this entry for my blog for all you invisible cyber-people to read.

I did, however, bring out the Big Guns designed to lure the Muse into cooperating.


I'm eating dark chocolate M&M's.

We'll see if it works.

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