Sunday, November 26, 2006

CONTRACTED--- A Writers' Challenge

My publisher is holding a contest for unpublished in romance authors. The details are below.

The Virtual "Reality Show" Romance Writer's Contest

Unique Enterprises, the parent company of By Grace Publishing and Moonlit Romance, is sponsoring CONTRACTED- A Writers' Challenge during 2007. We will hold 2 challenges, January-June and July-December, with the winner being announced and published in September, 2007 and March 2008.

This contest is open to unpublished in romance authors only. The novels entered into the contest must have 12 chapters, and may be any romance sub-genre. All novels must meet the guidelines for either By Grace Publishing or Moonlit Romance. Please see the Submission Guidelines at Moonlit and By Grace.

To Enter: Contact Laura at uniqueenterprisessubmit @ for complete details about this exciting contest. Please put "Contracted--Writer's Challenge, ATTN: Laura" in the subject line. Continue reading for a brief synopsis of Contracted-- A Writer's Challenge.

There will be 2 rounds of CONTRACTED- A Writers' Challenge in 2007. Entry deadlines: Round One - December 15, 2006; Round Two - May 15, 2007.


Contestants will compete for 6 months in two different forums: the public Blog Challenges and the private Editors' Challenges, based on a monthly challenge theme. Once a month, contestants will provide their Blog Challenges to be posted on the Unique Enterprises' Authors' Blog, in addition to submitting their private Editors' Challenge to be forwarded to the judging Unique Enterprises editors. Both the Blog Challenges and the Editors' Challenges will be rated on a rubric that will be provided to each contestant before each contest begins. In order to continue from month to month, contestants must complete both the Blog and the Editors' Challenges. Contestants who fail to participate in both monthly challenges every month will be disqualified. Standings will be determined by averaging the Editors' and Blog Challenges together.

The Ultimate Prize: Publication of your novel.

~~Please note: This contest is copyrighted 2006 by Unique Enterprises

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