Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Victorian Valentine's...

... Yes, I AM on a Valentine's Day kick. Why? My February release, naturally-- Cupid on a Mission, from Moonlit Romance.

I don't have a Victorian Valentine's theme to my novel, but I do so love Victorian Valentine's, and I've had a bit of fun checking this topic out online. Here are some nifty links. Come on back and tell me which ones you liked best! (I might be giving away M & M's ;-) -- You NEVER know. Jest sayin' is all.) These cards are just gorgeous. Absolutely breath-taking.

A Flowering of Affection: Victorian Valentine Cards at the Lilly Library

The First Modern Valentine's Day cards

Not So Sweet Valentine's cards

Novelty Valentine's

Fancy Papers

More Fancy Papers

Really Fancy Paper--- GORGEOUS! Just stunning.

The Pictoral Look Oooo! I love, love, love the cherub in the heart, on the top left.


Shara Jones said...

I can only imagine the thrill of receiving one of these 'back in the day'. Costly, to be sure.

I love The Pictorial Look link the best. The two birds got me. That's love, baby. *wink*

Robin Bayne said...

TAG!!!! Laura's *it.* Please list 5 things people don't know about you and then tage 5 more bloggers!!

robynl said...

I like the very first one! My Mom could make gorgeous Valentine cards from paper doilies, crepe paper and ribbon. She taught us girls how to do this.