Tuesday, January 30, 2007


My cp and bestest friend, Shara Jones, has accused me of being an overachiever.


Because I updated my blog on my MySpace page.

And now?

She's laughing at me.

Yes, laughing. I think that's so uncalled for. All I said was, "Now I have to think of something else to blog about now on my blogspot blog." She cackled something about, "Oh, you're shooting for originality, too?"

This'll larn her good. Teach her to call me names and laugh at me. Heh. See, here's the plan. Ya'll go over to Shara's blog and ask her how her latest WIP is progressing. Encourage her to write. Don't be shy! Go give her heck! How about some helpful hints? G'wan... Just Do It. I dare ya. I double dog dare ya. GGG.

To Give Shara Heck, Click On This Sentence...

If you go give Shara heck, she'll put your name in a drawing, and pick a lucky heckler to win some M & M's. FREE CHOCOLATE!


robynl said...

I gave her heck good, indeed. LOL.

Laura Hamby said...

^5, Robyn! Good on you! GGG