Friday, March 23, 2007

Freaky Friday

Life has intervened over the past couple of weeks. The blog has gone by the wayside, other obligations shoved to the side-- all in order to just cope.

My beloved Grandma passed away last week. Life is strange without her in the world. She was always just a phone call away. She always wanted to hear about what we (me, my family) were doing, where we were traveling, what the DH was up to at work, what new books I had coming out and when... Everything. I blogged about this over on my MySpace blog. She was a very special lady, and she will be desperately missed.

Now then, I thought I'd start something new with the blog: Freaky Friday. Y'all remember the Freaky Friday movie with Jodie Foster? Where the mom and teenaged daughter changed bodies for a day? This has absolutely nothing to do with that. Hehe.

Freaky Friday-- notice the alliteration there? Well, the challenge is to write at least one fun sentence (or more!), using the alliterative letter of the day. Today's alliterative letter? "G" So, here I go.

"Great Galloping Ghosts," Gidget growled, grabbing at the ghost's gauzy gown. "Gwen, get gone! Go!"

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Amelia Elias said...

Big hugs and deepest sympathy on you Grandma's passing. I'm sure she's still keeping tabs on all your news and accomplishments from on high.

I'm not awake enough yet to alliterate... I'll try it in a bit. ;)