Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Evvil CP

That's "EVVIL" with 2 "V's"! More emphasis that way. GGG

So, why is my cp, whose initials stand for SHARA JONES evil? She's not, really. I'm just razzing her for critiquing my upcoming beachie novella. As usual, she's been spot-on with her comments and insights into what should be tweaked and her suggestions overall. She's great for bouncing ideas off of, and has a knack for helping discover where the train derailed, as it were. So, a big round of applause for SHARA JONES (Evvil CP), and a box load of chocolate. May all of you authors have cp's as evvil as SHARA is.

Now, speaking of upcoming. June is just around the corner, and I'm happy to say that By Grace's third annual Brides and Bouquets anthology will be available the 4th Friday of June. Something Old, Something New is my third novella to be featured in the Brides anthology.

Something Old, Something New
Back Cover Blurb
by Laura Hamby

What’s a gal who’s been jilted at the altar to do? Feel sorry for herself? Or reach for her cake? When Liza Dearborne meets bakery owner Marcus Sutton, he obviously has what it takes to make her bread rise. Will Liza let go of something old to attain something new?

Want a chance to win an e-copy of Brides and Bouquets '07? How about a chance to win Brides '05 and '06? Race over to my group, Musings of a Chocoholic Romance Novelist, join, and go vote on the current poll. Viola. You're entered for a chance to win 1 of THREE e-books.

And that, folks, is, as they say, that. (Heh. Wanted to see how many commas I could get into one sentence. Scary, huh?)

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