Saturday, May 26, 2007

Havin' Fun...

My oldest son, for a class assignment, must write 4 1-page reports. The subject: 4 different Olympian gods. AND, he then must create his own Olympian god: name him/her, write a background about him/her, and draw a picture. So, I thought I'd create my very own Olympian god. Havin' fun.

So, my created goddess is Adriandra, goddess of chocolate (SURPRISE!). She has hair of dark chocolate, a complexion of white chocolate, and eyes of liquid milk chocolate (in color).

Adriandra is the goddess of chocolate and PMSing women everywhere. There is no mood too snarly or snarky for the goddess of chocolate to overcome, as chocolate is always the answer.

Create doll makers and dress up dolls with

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's the sort of assignment I'd have handed out back when I was teaching. I totally dig it.

As for Adriandra, she's wonderful. She also might like to hang at West of Mars with us; there's been a lot of chocolate over there lately.

Laura Hamby said...

Someone said "Chocolate"????