Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen... My 13 Favorite Colors

1. Cobalt blue. It's so deep, rich and vibrant. It's serene, dignified, but also calls attention to itself due simply to its hue.

2. Chocolate brown. Gee, do I REALLY need to explain this color choice?

3. Bright yellow. Yes, "we all live in a yellow submarine" yellow. Like cobalt blue, it's a vibrant color. It's also cheerful and light--- a real "feel good" color in my book.

4. Emerald green. My engagement ring stone is emerald. A deep emerald green is soothing, in my opinion.

5. Olive green, just a shade brighter than usual, tho. I love just about all shades of green. This particular shade matches the green in my hazel-green eyes, and, as an added bonus, is a good color on me. Hehe.

6. Red. Also bright and cheerful, but I prefer the blue based red, rather than the yellow based red. It's a charming accent color, but can be overpowering, in my opinion, if there's too much of it.

7. Turquoise. How can anyone not love this color? It comes in so many variations-- blue-ish, green-ish, blue-ish-green-ish. GGG Versatile and easy on the eye.

8. Lilac. Yanno, as in the flower? It's a color you can smell. Hehe.

9. Autumn Red-- as in the red the leaves turn to in the autumn in New England. This color reminds me of being a kid, walking outside in the autumn when folks have first started their woodstoves up. It's a nostalgia color, reminding me of carefree days.

10. Sunset Orangish Pink. This lovely color is reflected on any clouds in the sky when the sun is setting, and against the bright blue sky, is like looking at cotton candy floating overhead.

11. Baby Cheek Pink. This is the color that blossoms on the kissable cheeks of babies. Who can resist a baby cheek pink faced baby?

12. Goldenrod. Yes, that "horrid" yellow that was popular in the 1970's. However, I much prefer the lighter goldenrod, not the '70's version, but the color I've made one of my email inboxes. GGG. I think it's classy and elegant.

13. Silver. It sparkles, it's an actual color, AND, it doesn't show the dirt too badly when the car is dirty. GGG.

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