Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Notions and Ideas...

...Where to they come from, these ideas that turn into books? Everyone has ideas, but not everyone wants to or can put them down in novel form. My youngest sister has told me she's had a number of ideas she's thought would make interesting books, but she has absolutely no desire to write.

I, myself, couldn't imagine not writing. I find it actually to be peaceful. Blame that innate dreamer gene. Many authors I've spoken to have admitted they've always had stories going on inside their heads, even when they're not actually sitting down and writing. Gee, me too. Stories going on all the time, ever since I could remember.

Where do the notions and ideas of my stories come from? That's a tricky one to answer. Sometimes I'm inspired by what others are writing--- I find a little kernal of a notion that appeals to me. Life in general is another good resource for notions and ideas to write about. Other times, I work a bit harder at it, asking myself "What if ____?" or "What would happen if ____, ____ and ____ were going on?"

The only thing I know for certain about my notions and ideas is that there seem to be plenty of them (knock on wood), so I'll be able to keep myself busy writing for years.

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