Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blogging Along...


So, here I am, doing my part. Blogging.

My husband asked me one day just "what is a 'blog'?" All he knows about the things is that people get in trouble for blog-surfing at work. I've tried to explain it to him, but I'm not sure I've done an adequate job of explaining things. I base this assumption on the fact that his eyes glaze over and he gets that "Yes, Dear, I Am Listening To Every Single Fascinating Word That You're Uttering" expression.

I decided to ask myself a few key questions about why I blog. The first being, oddly enough, why do I blog?

Why? The quick and easy answer is this: because someone told me that I needed to. I've found that I enjoy blogging and often find myself just researching any ol' topic that strikes my fancy, so I can blog about it. Next question.

Why do you continue to blog?
No easy answer to this one, given my current obsession with checking the stats of my webbie counter. I should just remove the durned thing as I now can't get through a day without checking it to see how many folks have dropped by. I continue to blog, I suppose, as an exercise in finding my--- if you will--- "Blogging Voice." It's almost comparable to watching my voice evolve as I've written over the years, as I've learned more about the craft of writing.

What do you hope to gain from blogging?
Boy, can I ask myself hard questions or what? I see my blog as a promotional tool, but I do realize that people would soon tire of reading my blog if all I did was relentlessly promote my novels. So then, I run the risk of tiring people out with whatever I decide to blog about. I run the risk of boring people to death, which is clearly not my goal at all. (If you're bored, I apologize, I'm really trying hard here not to be mundane. It's not all that easy. Dunno why.)

What would you like to see happen to your blog?
What I'd like most is to see comments. Seriously. A simple, "Hi, Kilroy Was Here" would work, just so I can reassure myself that I'm not just blogging to myself here.

Why do you think people don't generally leave comments on blogs?
I have absolutely no idea, and I wish I'd stop asking myself these hard questions. Sheesh. I think often, folks don't think they have anything worth contributing to the blog topic. Wrong! I'd find it reassuring, frankly, to know you were here, and that you at least made an attempt to wind your way through my ramblings. As I mentioned above, "Kilroy Was Here" would work for me. Or "Hi! Hope you have a pleasant day!" Yanno what? I look to see if folks have commented to any of my posts so I can respond to the comments. Yes! I'd love to come in and find a dozen comments to answer.

Alrighty then, Q & A over. I feel confident that I've flogged the dead blog horse to death and beyond, and it's time to let the critter R.I.P.

P.S. What was the purpose of today's post topic?
I'm wondering where all the people are, wondering if I should continue to make this a daily (as close to a daily) blog as I can, or to go to posting an entry just once a week. And, to see if anyone out there who reads this will actually take a moment to talk to me.


Laura Hamby said...


Laura Hamby said...

Backseatgourmet said:

Hey just found your site, found via Chocolate. One of the more interesting blogs I've come across. Enjoyable reading. Cute pic "Shower Time"

Thank you for posting! Glad you enjoyed my blogs and I hope you'll drop by again.