Friday, October 19, 2007

Motherhood and the Romance Author

Motherhood and the Romance Author
There you sit, focused on what you're writing on your WIP. You've been building to this moment throughout the entire novel. Your characters are about to... er... "have relations." (Pardon the 12-year-old, reading over my shoulder as I type this post....) It's the moment your readers will have been waiting for (like all the verb tenses I managed to use in that sentence? I'm rather impressed myself.)

Perhaps your hero is leaning in for The Kiss. Maybe they're feverishly exploring each others bodies (the 12-year-old left, thank heavens), unable to get enough of one another. The emotion is running high. The Moment is just two keystrokes away...

And then....

"MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!" Followed by the sounds of scuffling, grunts, flesh hitting flesh, perhaps even some... er... "blue language," and shouting.

Moment Interruptus. Bad enough it happens to us in real life, but geez. What did your fictional characters do to deserve Interruptus? They're imaginary, for the love of Pete. True, they might have imaginary children of their own, but heavens to Betsy! Our characters get to live a rose colored world. Sure, we torture them and make their lives miserable. It's our job to mistreat our characters. So just what did they do to deserve Moment Interruptus?

Oh. Yeah.

They're imaginary people. Not real. They exist in our imaginations. THAT'S what they did to deserve Interruptus.

At least you don't have to listen to the hero complaining about those "darned kids" or the frustrated growls of, "Those kids have no manners"/"Not again!"/"Why did we want children in the first place?"... No, at least with imaginary characters, you can leave dangling in mid-sentence or paragraph, and return to the moment later.

After you've ended the fight and sent everyone to their rooms.

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