Friday, October 12, 2007

Spooky Express... Climb Aboard for Stop #2 on the Mystery Tour

A haunted lighthouse was stop number 1 on the Mystery Tour of the Spooky Express: in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. For more information CLICK HERE and scroll down until you see *Burlington's Oldest Lighthouse...*

Mystery Trip #2... All Aboard!

1. You'll need a passport.
2. We'll be crossing over an ocean.
3. The haunted building was built in 1419.
4. The ghosts date back to Roman times.
5. The ghosts march on an old Roman Road.

Where are we?


Denise Patrick said...

We are in the basement of the Treasurer's House behind York Minster in England. Legend has it that Roman Soldiers are seen walking through the basement, which is built over an old Roman road in 1419.

Laura Hamby said...

That's exactly where we are, Denise. You're 2 for 2!