Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Spooky Tales... Part First

Alrighty, I thought it would be fun (as well as give me an opportunity to flex my writing muscles) to start a continuing spooky short story today, and conclude it on Halloween.

The Medium, the Hunk and the Ghost in the Cabin
(c) by Laura Hamby

The cabin leaned to one side, much like a drunken sailor on leave. Light could be seen between the gaps of the boards that made the walls. Still, Chayla Rowe thought it could be cozy with a good fire going. Provided the chimney wasn't blocked by a bird or squirrel nest.

A shadow passed across the dilapidated porch. Didn't surprise her one bit, even though there was no light to cause a shadow on this side of the cabin. No, the spirits, for whatever reason, always showed themselves to her. Sometimes as a challenge, but mostly just because they knew she'd see them. Help them, if they needed it.

Well, so much for Getting Away From it All. That wasn't going to happen here...

To be continued...

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