Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spooky Tales... Part Second

Still this place, in the back of beyond, didn't crawl with spirits clamoring for Chayla's attention. What a relief. And the one she had seen seemed content at the moment just to have alerted her to its presence.

She sighed. Blessed stillness. No cars. No airplanes roaring overhead. No trains racing through town, stopping traffic. No kids at play. Just the breeze rustling through the foliage and the stir of whatever wildlife lived in the forest around her.

"There's a storm coming."

Chayla jumped a mile into the sky. Well, okay. It only felt like a mile up. That would teach her not to keep an ear out for live humans. "Is there? The sky is clear."
She turned to face her company, not prepared at all for the sight that greeted her.

Oh, man.

Man being the operative word.

Chayla's knees wobbled. She bit her lower lip, praying she wouldn't say or do something stupid. When he smiled at her like he knew what she was thinking, Chayla knew she fought a losing battle.

"It's going to be a long weekend," he said, "because of the storm. You have everything you need?"

Now why did that sound like a loaded question?

To be continued...

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