Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Happy 2008!

And to kick off the New Year, my publisher's authors' blog moved to a new location: HERE. One of the new features at the "new" blog is "E-Mag Day." A day once a month when a free, short story is posted. Lucky me, January's shortie is one I wrote: New Years'Resolutions.

Other news: I'm working on a novel right now that I intend to submit no later than the middle of February to Harlequin. I also have an idea started for this year's Brides and Bouquets anthology (By Grace), and Shara Jones, Meg Allison and I will be adding to the Blue Plate Special: Pops' Girls series at Moonlit Romance (August, September and October.).

Busy year already!

Happy 2008.

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