Thursday, January 03, 2008

What Makes a Romance A Romance?

I just watched *Music and Lyrics* with Hugh Grant (love him, oh, man do I ever-- from the way he looks, moves, speaks, delivers the drollest of lines with such aplomb) and Drew Barrymore (she's tied in the #1 spot of my Favorite Actresses List: she shares the #1 slot with Sandra Bullock).

I went to see it with a friend when it came out in theaters last summer, and I will admit, my friend and I sat there in our chairs laughing and kinda really embarrassed... BECAUSE WE REMEMBER THE '80's, lived through 'em, and totally were thrown back to years at the opening of the movie with the cheesy 80's video. Yes. It's rather funny to confront your youth that way. Embarrassing, but funny.

So, here I am, admiring the silence while the boys are at school, and I know Mr. Laura will not enjoy this movie-- to "chick-flickie" for him. Plus, I'm not sure I really could stand to watch the faux 80's video with him without self-combusting. Nor could I take, "Did YOU like those kind of songs and videos in the 1980's?" and similar questions. There's just not enough chocolate or rum in the world.

Now, obviously, I'm a fan of romantic comedies, and this is one I really enjoy. Alex and Sophie are very real. And likable. Their path to romance is clearly marked. What I really like is how each becomes each other's champion. The awkwardness "the day after." Most of all, I like the aftermath of the black moment, when the story is finally spiralling to its conclusion. Sigh.

It's a true romance, in my book. And I love 'em.

What about you?

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