Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Do You Mean?

Anyone else have those "What do you mean?" conversations with your children? Yanno, they often start out something like this:

"Please wash your hair tonight when you shower."

Kid: "What do you mean? With shampoo?"

Picture perplexed mother here. :-s "Um, yeah. Isn't that the general method?"

Kid: "So you mean you want me to wash my hair with shampoo tonight."

It's enough to make you wanna whip out the ol' dry erase board and make a flow chart to fully illustrate the concept.

"Yes. That's what I mean."

"Okay, so I'm washing my hair with shampoo tonight."

ARG! YES! YES! Please! Or wait! No! I have an idear! We'll be rich! We'll just find some way to harvest the oil off the kid's hair and face to make an alternate fuel source for vehicles!

"Yes. You are. Thank you. No, the answer isn't changing, don't rephrase it again."

Kid casts a wicked glance your direction, then retires to his room to gloat that he nailed your blood pressure---dinged the bell, as it were. It's okay. The blood pressure will return to normal... just as soon as you're done writing yourself a sticky note to smell the kid's head after shower, for the telltale scent of shampoo.

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