Friday, February 29, 2008

Reliving the 1980s...

Okay, Embarrassing Confession Time.

Back when I was a teenager (when dinosaurs still roamed the land), I had magazine pix on my wall of such hotties as Tom Selleck, Scott Baio, Michael Damian, Rick Springfield. So, when I saw the "Who's Your 1980's Hunk" on blog things, I thought---Hot Dog!

So I took the quiz.

Kirk Cameron.


He's too young for me! By the time he was a hottie, I'd cleared my walls.

Okay... I will admit, I went back and fiddled with the answers. I mean, Kirk was cute and all, but still Too Young For Me. (It pains me to admit that, too. Just so you know.)


A Hunk I could relate too and not feel like I was robbing the cradle. One who was actually on my wall.

Scott Baio.


Still kinda embarrassing, but not NEARLY as embarrassing as my 5th grade admission that I thought Shaun Cassidy was cute.

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