Thursday, February 28, 2008

A True Hero

What makes a hero a True Hero? There are personality traits we could all agree upon, but doesn't it go beyond being kind to little old ladies, children, your mother and animals?

Here's my personal definition of a True Hero: He is a man who can look at his forty-something wife and see beyond the extra weight she's put on from childbearing, the darkening moustache over her upper lip and the stray black chin hairs, the silvery stretch marks and her preference for one piece bathing suits with a skirt to hide the thigh cellulite and sincerely ask her---not for the purposes of tormenting her, but because this is what he'd really like to see her in poolside: "Honey, when are you going to get another bikini? You look so good in a bikini." This is a man who is more in love with his wife a decade and a half later than he was when he worked up the courage to propose all those years ago.

THAT is a True Hero.

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