Monday, March 31, 2008



In keeping---somewhat---with the theme established in my color post, I thought I'd move along to description. More than merely employing adjectives and adverbs, description helps bring the story alive and gives it definition---helps the reader picture the setting, visualize the characters, set the mood and tone.

I decided to set myself a challenge: to look at the picture below and describe it so that anyone reading what I've written would be able to visualize the scene. Hopefully, you'll be able to tell what I think of the picture by what I write about it.

Varying shades of crisp green contrasted with the weathered wood of a cabin comfortably nestled into the flora. Ruby red flowers hither and yon accentuated the subtle nuances of a garden that looked like fairies tended it. The waterwheel, standing in its stone foundation next to the house, turned without any sense of urgency. The birds sang a countersong to the gentle whoosh of the water as it spilled from paddle to paddle on the waterwheel, and if a body stood still--quiet---the sounds of the other residents of the deeper forest could be heard, too. Magic radiated from every rock, every plant, every color that met the eye---imbued itself in the very scent of the air. It was a safe haven in a world where such were rarities to behold.


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