Wednesday, April 09, 2008

We Interrupt This Romance Novel...With Life!



Wait a minute.

Where did this life come from? I didn’t order a life. The shipping and handling is outta sight! Hole. E. Cow.

How am I supposed to write a romance novel with life infringing on my writing time?

Didn’t I wash those clothes just last week?

Excuse me, but I *know* I just vacuumed.

What’s with these dishes that won’t put themselves in the dishwasher, start the darned thing, then put themselves away when they’re clean?

Don’t tell me you’re all hungry again---I fed you dinner just last night!

I could swear we went to a Cub Scout meeting last Monday, it’s only been a week, why do you need another one?

Baseball practice? Whatchoo gonna make that baseball practice? The piano?

I want a refund. Yeah, I know. I’ll take the refund minus the shipping and handling charges, but boy, lemme tell you I’m going to grumble about being ripped off.

Is the dream worth it? Is the goal worth striving for?

You betcha.

Now get back to chasing your dreams.

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