Thursday, March 05, 2009

I'd Like To Thank the Academy...

You Would Win Best Supporting Actor / Actress

You are a quirky, fascinating person. You understand the world well.

There's no one quite like you. Your uniqueness leaves a strong impression on people.

You are bold and willing to take risks. People may love or hate you, but at least they'll notice you.

You are just different enough to make a great character actor. You can make a smaller part come alive.

Oh, ---*fanning face frantically with one hand, while death gripping Ossie in the other and hugging Ossie to the cleavage that's trying to spill out of the top of my fabulous gown*--- I never thought I'd ever win Best Supporting Actor/Actress! This wouldn't have been possible without help from my parents (thanks, Mom and Dad for getting me born!), my sisters, my best friend Sherry, the Bat Cave... Oh ---*bursts into phony tears*---so many people to thank so little time. It's an honor, and Ossie will look perfect on the mantle of my fireplace. ---*Blows air kisses and glides off stage.*--- Orchestra music swells in the background as the Hollywoodites polite applaud, likely in relief that I stopped talking and have left the stage...

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